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Storyteller Productions: How To Organize Photos For A B’nai Mitzvah Montage

Storyteller Productions specializes in creating “wow factor” Bar Bat Mitzvah montages of your special photos and videos, as well as professional video coverage of your event…all at an affordable price! From start to finish, their editors and videographers are motivated storytellers who work together to ensure the preservation of those once-in-a-lifetime events, and uniquely transform them into a beautifully crafted video for all to enjoy.



Organizing photos for your twins’ montage may feel like a daunting task. Believe it or not, you can follow the same categories and format for twins as you would for a single child. Storyteller Productions has this organizing thing down pat and thankfully they’ve put together a comprehensive list of instructions and categories for you to follow. 

So, here goes…

There are two options on how to organize photos for your twins’ video montage:

1. By Category (one song per category)

2. By Chronological Story (13 photos from each year with 4-5 songs)

The “Category” option, recommended by Storyteller Productions, is easy to execute by making seven virtual folders on your desktop for a 150-photo montage, which is about 8-12 minutes long.


Here are the seven categories they recommend:

CATEGORY 1: BABY PICS (AGES 1-3): 10-14 photos for each twin = 20-28 photos in total

Option A: Choose one song for each twin and give them an equal amount of pictures with first born, first.

Option B: Choose one song for both twins and interchange an equal amount of photos throughout, or a split-screen of each child.


CATEGORY 2: SIBLING PICTURES: 20-25 photos in total

This category is only for twins who have other siblings – if not, skip this category. If there are other siblings, be sure to choose an equal amount of pictures with each twin and their siblings together. They don’t all have to be in the same picture, feel free to mix and match.



Storyteller Productions recommends pictures of mom and dad with the kids together, in addition to mom with each twin and dad with each twin — making sure to choose an equal amount of each child with the immediate family. You’ll want to avoid a larger number of photos with one parent or the other.

Storyteller Productions: Bar Bat Mitzvah montage

Watch Austin & Celine’s B’nai Mitzvah Montage here



This category includes pictures of the twins with their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and close family friends, (those friends your kids call “aunt, uncle and cousin”). Similar to the other categories, you’ll want to choose an equal amount of photos for each twin. Sometimes relatives can be sensitive if they see another family member in more pictures with the twins. Be mindful of feelings when choosing pictures and try to include an even amount for each family member.


CATEGORY 5: SCHOOL & CAMP FRIEND PICTURES: 30-40 photos in total

The category of camp and school friends can include the twins’ groups of friends. You can mix and match, as some of the pictures will include the same group of friends and some will not. Be sure there’s an equal amount of photos for each twin. It’s easy to group or divide school and camp friends if you choose. 



Include pictures of the twins playing sports, musical instruments or other hobbies. Of course, be sure there are an even amount of pictures for both twins. If you find that you don’t have a lot of photos in this category, you can certainly add more photos to the other categories.


CATEGORY 7: SOLO PICTURES (AGES 4-13): 15-25 photos in total

Include pictures of the twins alone or with each other. This is a way of going through the years together and add that special “button” on the ending to show how much they’ve grown up. Make sure there is an equal amount of pictures of each twin. This is a good opportunity to include photos from their pre-B’nai Mitzvah shoot and you can end it with a nice title such as, “Mazel Tov Sydney and Carly, we love you!” … or anything you prefer. 


Storyteller Productions: Bar Bat Mitzvah montage

Watch Sydney & Carly’s B’not Mitzvah Montage here

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Storyteller Productions directly and be sure to mention you saw them on

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