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Storyteller Productions: Certified Photo Organizers

Storyteller Productions specializes in creating “wow factor” montages of your special photos and videos, as well as professional video coverage of your event…all at an affordable price!



From start to finish, their editors and videographers are motivated storytellers who work together to ensure the preservation of those once-in-a lifetime events, and uniquely transform them into a beautifully crafted video for all to enjoy. Take a look at their portfolio and see for yourself!

As certified APPO members (Association of Professional Photo Organizers), they’ve studied the latest trends and technologies for keeping your priceless memories safe, which will save you time, stress and guilt. They are dedicated to training parents and family members the right way to safeguard personal legacies, which will build self-esteem, preserve family identities, and change lives.  

 Three Special Packages For Photo Organization

Storyteller Productions offers clients three packages to organize photos:

1. The Give Me The Pathway Package includes Consolidating: For those clients that have photos scattered across various platforms or just one platform (iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.), they will take all photos and consolidate them into 1 non-software based hub (external hard drive). Back-up: Once all the photos are consolidated, they recommend having three non-software based outlets. i.e., 1 external hard drive in the home, 1 external hard drive outside of the home, and 1 Data Disc copy in case the external hard drives becomes corrupt. Creating a Core File/Folder Structure: This is the basis for finding photos and future proofing them for generations to come. They have a yearly template that they will set up for clients and discuss personalizing the file/folders by date, along with any personal information (who-what-where). Duplicate Sweep: Storyteller Productions has special software which indicates the file information within each picture, which will save hours of running through thousands of photos manually looking for duplicates. Once those duplicates are found, they are put into a special folder to cross-reference and make sure we are deleting the lowest quality photos and/or duplicates.

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2. The End Of The Tunnel Package includes all of the above, and Photo Deletions: They manually look through photos/events and objectively take out those photos which are blurry, dark or visually repetitious. Those deletions are put within a folder called “Unwanted” before permanently deleting in the future and File Naming/Tagging/Keyword Booklet: They use the “Core File Structure” which they set up to name each digital file (date-who-what-where-etc.). File tags and keywords will be assigned to each digital file as well (weddings, vacations, grandparents, cousins, etc). A keyword booklet will summarize all the file tags/keywords which the client can then search for at any given time.

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3. The Show Me The Light Package includes everything in the first two packages and Cross-Pollinating: Storyteller Productions will choose a web/cloud based photo sharing site for clients to upload and share with friends and family. The great advantage of hiring an expert is that they do all the research for you to help you decide which site to use. Also included is the Maintenance Training Program: This is the key to learning their secrets and staying organized. With the client’s photo collection organized, they will develop a system of where to put new photos, how to file organize, backup, upload and share. For those who are too busy to provide maintenance, they have maintenance programs available for purchase.

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To learn more about Storyteller Productions, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.  

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