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Spot On Pictures: Montages To Match Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Theme

Spot On Pictures is a full service Bar Bat Mitzvah video production company ready to help you create a high impact entrance video or innovative multimedia montage that will be the highlight of your celebration.

They have been in the video business for over 20 years and have been developing creative and entertaining montages for well over 10 years. Their head of production, Gemma Tummolo used to cut movie trailers, network commercials and PBS Documentaries – so your montage will be produced and edited by one of the very best in the business.

Some families want to incorporate their theme into their montage. Spot On Pictures is up to this challenge and does lots of research to find themed video, music and images that they can work into the production. 

Start popping the popcorn and check out these examples of themed montages – note, they’ve been edited for special web viewing:


spot on blog
All eyes were pinned on Jaime’s Red Carpet themed montage. Jaimie and her family were thrilled with the final product!
Watch here



spot on blog
Sammy’s montage opened with a custom ‘selfie.’ What a great theme and the montage was so entertaining.
Watch here  



spot on blog
Dylan’s Hip Hop themed montage is a ‘masterpiece’ the family will cherish forever. Guests went crazy over it!
Watch here  



spot on blog

Spencer’s montage was tied into his ‘HUSTLE’ themed party. Spencer has a real love for Sneakers and Dude Perfect.
Watch here 

To learn more about Spot On Pictures, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory. 


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