Pull Elements Of Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Together With A Promos USA/ImageMaker

Are you looking to pull all your Bar Bat Mitzvah elements together?

You can work directly with A Promos USA, cut out the middle man, and save money on your fashion-forward screen printing, embroidery and promotional products.

We know you have seen their sweatshirts, t-shirts, pinnies, PJs, shorts, sweatpants and other wearables, but are you aware of all the other items they can customize for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration? They can use your logo to pull all the element of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah together.

Please look below to see other Bar Bat Mitzvahs families that they have worked with:


A Promos USA
To see more ways this logo was used, read Emily’s Eatery Mitzvah Family Spotlight

A Promos USA
To see more using their OutRACHeous logo, read the Brenner Mitzvah Family Spotlight

A Promos USA
To see more about this Phoebelicious celebration, read the NJ Brenner Mitzvah Family Spotlight

 To learn more about A Promos USA/ImageMaker, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.


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