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On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Chloe



By Chloe Cornell



I’m a 7th grader and live in Westchester, NY. I love tennis, soul cycle, fashion, hanging with my friends, and traveling around the world. Camp Vega is my summer home and my favorite place on earth! I founded the company #Kindnessistherealcool for my Mitzvah Project, and invite everyone to visit us on Instagram @kindnessistherealcool and join the movement. I am very excited to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah in March, 2015.





I recently went to my friend Caroline’s Bat Mitzvah. It was a lot of fun! The party colors were purple and blue, and the room was filled with light-up tables in these colors, which looked great.

Chloe Cornell: On the Circuit
Great Neck Games provided the games and activities such as an airbrush station (popular choices were trucker hats and drawstring bags), and air hockey, which was a hit with the boys!

Chloe Cornell: On the Circuit
They also had a photo booth with a green screen in the background which my friends and I LOVE! We took many photos (and then posted them on Instagram).

At the end of the party, we went to another room for desserts. The theme was “Sweet Caroline’s Bake Shop” and the party planners Michele Feldman and Dinah Batkin designed it to look like a bakery. We got to fill “Sweet Caroline” boxes with our favorite treats (I got doughnuts, munchkin pops, cupcakes, crumb cake, black and white cookies, chocolate chip muffins and cinnamon buns.) They were all DELICIOUS! Now I better hit the gym! 😉

Chloe Cornell: On the Circuit

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