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On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Chloe


By Chloe Cornell



Recently, I attended my friend Sammy’s Bat Mitzvah and her theme was CANDY! Candy is a definite favorite for all us kids. Everything from the colorful décor, to the photos and candy around the room reflected the theme.







Upon arrival at Beach Point Country Club in Mamaroneck, New York, guests were greeted by two “candy girls” each holding a tray of candy. They were standing beside a table filled with more beautifully displayed candy and five giant pictures of Sammy with, what else? Candy!

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy
Giant pink letters spelled “SAMMY”

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy
This was a very festive and exciting welcome for all guests

Sammy’s sign-in station was a giant gum ball machine. Kids wrote their messages with Sharpies on the giant globe part. She is so lucky to get to bring that home for her room.

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy

I look forward to hanging at her house!

In the kids’ cocktail room, there were so many fun games to choose from:

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy

There was a graffiti studio where you could customize your own mini soccerball, football, or basketball

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy

Additionally, in honor of the Kentucky Derby (which took place on the same day), there was a great horse race themed game for six players in which you were given four buttons and whenever a button would light up, you would tap it. Based on how fast you tapped it against the other five players, your horse would move forward. This game was a big hit with both boys and girls.

There was also a station where you could design your own fantasy sneakers. Then guests voted on who made the best sneaker. Whoever had the most votes, received their “real” personally designed sneakers – they will be made and sent to the winner.

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy
There was a photo station with props (always a favorite of mine) and a glitter and flash tattoo station (picture above)

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy

As if that wasn’t enough, there was also candy sushi station, which was really yummy!

The party room was a candy lover’s heaven! Giant light box photos of Sammy with candy, or colorful photos of candy surrounded the room and created a festive vibe. The dance floor was white with a giant center image of SAMMY written in sprinkles. The screens above the dance floor showed different candies and Sammy’s logos throughout the night.

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy

The ballroom for Sammy’s celebration was very colorful

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy
There was a kids’ bar which was held up by clear cylinders filled with different colored gum balls

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy
The kids’ hang-out area, next to the dance floor consisted of colorful beanbag chairs, cool tables and couches with candy printed pillows

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy

The adult tables featured clear high sculptures with hanging balls of candy and glass jars of candy. There were also mini gummy bear key chains and more candy on the tables

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy

In the party room, there was an amazing karaoke booth where you could pick one of many songs and sing it with up to two people. It was such a hit and there was a huge line throughout the entire night. At the end of the night, you got a recording of your singing

There were also two photo stations – one where you could send the photos to your phone in addition to getting a printed copy which the adults seemed to enjoy as much as the kids.

Sammy’s entrance video, produced by Jacklight Productions, featured footage of a bunch of her friends (including me) having fun at different candy stores in the city to the song “I Want Candy.” We filmed at Dylan’s Candy Bar, FAO Schwartz, Toys R Us, M&M World, The Hershey Store, and Just Sugar.  Her montage, which was also created by Jacklight, included photos and video, and more footage of her friends being interviewed in the candy stores.

Throughout the night, there were nonstop giveaways on the dance floor – from baseball hats that read, “Got candy?” to candy printed hair ties, light-up glasses, bracelets and necklaces. The candy ladies also brought out cotton candy and other delicious treats.

Chloe Cornell

At the end of the night, after a lot of fun dancing and activities, guests were led to a custom made candy store where you were handed a bag to fill. There were giant-sized candies such as Sugar Babies, Rice Krispy treats, lollipops, and more as well as regular sized items such as chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms…. they had it all!

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy

Everything looked beautiful and the kids had the best time picking out their favorite stuff

There were also amazing baked desserts outside the candy room including cupcakes and whoopee pies – YUM! I’m sure everyone left this event bouncing off the walls!

On the Circuit with Chloe: Sammy

On the Circuit...With Chloe: Candy


Chloe Cornell

Kids received sweatshirts with a gum ball machine “Sweet Sammy” logo.
The front had a smaller version of this logo on one side

Chloe Cornell
We also received happy feet slippers, which many of us wore during the party to dance in!

I’m so happy for Sammy – she had an amazing event and most importantly did a wonderful job becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

The following vendors helped make Sammy’s celebration a success:
Planning, Design & Candy Store: Victoria Dubin Events; Lighting: Frost Productions; DJ and Games/Entertainment: TK Productions; Entrance and Montage Videos: Jacklight Productions


About Chloe
I’m a 7th grader and live in Westchester, NY. I love tennis, soul cycle, fashion, hanging with my friends, and traveling around the world. Camp Vega is my summer home and my favorite place on earth! I founded the company #Kindnessistherealcool for my Mitzvah Project, and invite everyone to visit us on Instagram @kindnessistherealcool and join the movement. I celebrated my Bat Mitzvah in March, 2015.

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