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On The Bar Bat Mitzvah Circuit…With Chloe


By Chloe Cornell

I’m a 7th grader and live in Westchester, NY. I love tennis, soul cycle, fashion, hanging with my friends, and traveling around the world. Camp Vega is my summer home and my favorite place on earth! I founded the company #Kindnessistherealcool for my Mitzvah Project, and invite everyone to visit us on Instagram @kindnessistherealcool and join the movement. I am very excited to celebrate my Bat Mitzvah in March, 2015.




My friend Ava’s Bat Mitzvah was amazing! It was at Guastavino’s in NYC. Her colors were blue and silver and the theme was “Always Ava.”



She held her Bat Mitzvah service upstairs at the restaurant, and then the party moved downstairs for cocktail hour. There were a ton of games for the kids to play including a roller coaster simulation ride, foosball, a light up air hockey table, a flat screen for video games and more.

Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

The roller coaster simulation ride and other games were provided by Untouchable Events

During the cocktail hour, friends of Ava made their presentations to her individually and the video crew filmed it so that she could watch it again and again. I thought this was a great way to do the presentations, so that the other kids could continue to enjoy all the activities during the cocktail hour.

Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

Later, we were invited back upstairs for the party. The table holding the place cards was very cool


Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

A woman was standing at the bottom of the stairs handing out socks for girls and boys that wanted to take off their shoes. I definitely did!


Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

The party was beautiful. The kids had their own lounge area with sequin pillows and light up tables


Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

In addition to dancing, there were more activities upstairs including a station to put on funky eyelashes!

Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

There was also an airbrush station for flannel PJ pants


Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

And a glass figurine station where you could order glass designs and then watch a man create them. I chose a necklace with a glass heart

Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

Ava’s cake was really cool – it featured a scene of her in her bedroom with all of her favorite things including Gossip Girl, shopping bags from her favorite stores, her computer, etc.

Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)

Additionally, they gave out a lot of fun things on the dance floor including beanie hats that said AVA or her Bat Mitzvah date. I got one that said AVA. They also gave out light up sticks and light up jewelry.

Chloe Cornell...On The Circuit (Ava)
At the end of the party, they launched confetti over the dance floor. It was SO COOL – everyone went crazy!

Some of Ava’s Vendors Included:
Party Planner: Amy Katz Events
Entertainment and Games: Untouchable Events
Cake: Creative Cakes

To read Chloe’s past blog, click here.

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  By Chloe Cornell  I’m a 7th grader and live in Westchester, NY. I love tennis, soul cycle, fashion, hanging with my friends,... Read More »