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By Chloe Cornell


I’m a 8th grader and live in Westchester, NY. I love tennis, soul cycle, fashion, hanging with my friends, and traveling around the world. Camp Vega is my summer home and my favorite place on earth! I founded the company #Kindnessistherealcool for my Mitzvah Project, and invite everyone to visit us on Instagram @kindnessistherealcool and join the movement. I celebrated my Bat Mitzvah in March, 2015. Read about my celebration here.








A couple weekends ago I attended one of my best friend’s, Paige’s, Bat Mitzvah at Brae Burn Country Club. Her theme was Lilly Pulitzer and everything from the tables, to the bar, to the dance floor reflected her theme.

Bat Mitzvah celebration

Outside the venue, there was a giant Lilly Pulitzer hammock and umbrella that transported guests to a Palm Beach/Lilly Pulitzer vibe, setting the tone for the party and letting everyone know that it was going to be a great night!

Bat Mitzvah

Upon entering Brae Burn Country Club, there were big letters that spelled “PAIGE” in signature Lilly Pulitzer fabric and pink and green flowers continuing with the Lilly Pulitzer theme

Bat Mitzvah
There were many unique and fun games to choose from

Bat Mitzvah

Everyone’s favorite activities were the casino table and the roller coaster simulator

Bat Mitzvah

After the cocktail hour, we went into the party room for her celebration. The entire room was lit up pink! Lilly Pulitzer’s signature is “Xx, Lilly,” so Paige’s Bat Mitzvah signature was “Xx, Paige,” seen here on throw pillows

Bat Mitzvah

There were rattan couches and bamboo chairs in the party room, (very Lilly Pulitzer), for the kids to relax and take dance breaks. Giant “flowers” were hanging above the dance floor, which looked festive and unique

Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah

The tables were beautiful! The centerpieces were huge vases of green and pink flowers with a flamingo on top – very cool!

Bat Mitzvah
At the end of the night, outside of the ballroom, there were giveaway bags with sweatshirts featuring Paige’s logo

Bat Mitzvah celebration
There was also a candy bar, so you could take home candy – all pink and green of course!

Everyone had so much fun. Mazel Tov Paige!

VENDORS: Venue: Brae Burn Country Club; Music Entertainment: Untouchable Events; Décor: Stefanie Bartell, SBZ Events; Photographer: Todd Shapera Photography


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