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By Carrie Berk

I’m an 8th grade Bar & Bat Mitzvah teen blogger for and live on the Upper East Side in NYC. I love fashion, soul cycle, theater, hanging out with friends, and cupcakes (I have a blog about them: My Bat Mitzvah Project is for my dance teacher and friend, Elizabeth Maria Walsh, who died of a rare form of cancer at just 26 years old. Direct message me on Instagram (@carrieberkk) for information on how to donate, and follow me for more fun Bat Mitzvah photos!



I knew how hard my dance friend, Annabelle Haroche, had worked to put together a Bat Mitzvah in three months–she really wanted to learn Hebrew and make this a special night for friends and family. And it skyrocketed way past my expectations!


Bat Mitzvah Service Touches

Party Details


Annabelle’s Bat Mitzvah was a spectacular night; I am so proud and astonished by how she put it all together in such a short amount of time. I hope that it was an occasion she will never forget, because I certainly won’t.

Annabelle and Carrie

Annabelle and Carrie

Dress: My Daughter’s Wedding, Sneakers (silver studded high-tops!): Golden Goose, Photographer: Sarah Merians Photography; Decor: Jersey Street Furniture; Music Entertainment/Photo booth/Games: Untouchable Events; Food: Espace; Catered Desserts: Dominique Ansel and Baked by Melissa; Party Planner: Valerie Perez; Slippers: Happy Feet; Favors: Infinity; Service: Door To Door Tutoring

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