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Garelick & Herbs Top Five FAQs

At Garelick and Herbs they have a passion for making celebrations perfect in every way. The morning after your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration you will wake up and say, “That was incredible!”

That’s because they listen to their clients and create the event they are looking for. Their food is known for being beautifully presented and abundantly delicious. They are the owners and caterers for Mora Mora the Spot for Parties and the exclusive caterers for the Westport Inn.

Garelick and Herbs’ menus offer seasonal and innovative creations that are tailored to your individual taste. They cater all types of events with fresh and modern takes on food, presentation and service.

With Garelick & Herb’s team of specialized Event Orchestrators, every step of your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration will be made easy and enjoyable. They will help you plan your celebration down to the last detail to make your vision, a reality. 

 Here are the Top Five Questions Frequently Asked By Garelick & Herbs’ Clients

1. How do I have a high energy party that appeals to both adults and kids?
This is a frequently asked question and it is a valid concern. Balance is key. There are specific times that the adults need a quieter cooler setting to engage, socialize and dine, while still having optimal time for family and dance sets. The kids’ needs are different than adults. They require less eating time and more entertainment. However, we have noticed a shift in Bar Bat Mitzvah kids engaging in dance and unified activities vs. games that tend to separate kids into various groups. One way to achieve this is an event setting with two spaces to allow adult mingling and kids to have fun.

Garelick & Herbs blog

 Colorful and fun for kids

Garelick & Herbs
A sophisticated lounge set up

Garelick & Herbs

2. Do you recommend a four-hour or five-hour party?
Four hour parties have become a trend in the Bar Bat Mitzvah circuit. One reason is guests leave on a high note after four hours, rather than “sneaking” out before it has concluded. That makes both the guest of honor and the guest uncomfortable.

Garelick & Herbs
Kiddush to go

Garelick & Herbs
Who doesn’t love candy…served creatively?

3. Should we have a sit-down dinner or food stations for our guests?
Another trend we see are more cocktail and station oriented menus that offer an hors d’oeuvres flare and style to the evening allowing an engaging energy and atmosphere. A nice touch is to have a place card seating with flatware and stemware. Giving your guests ease in managing their plates, having a place to sit and enjoy the food, as well as receive proper wine and water service.


Garelick & Herbs blog

 A beautiful dessert station

Garelick & Herbs blog

A delicious brunch station

Garelick & Herbs blog

 Spectacular color themed candy bar

4. How long should the video montage be?
A photo montage is a special way to share special moments with your guests. However, a long montage loses guests’ attention and often times creates chatter throughout the viewing. We suggest a video of 5-7 minutes.

5. Do you recommend a candle lighting ceremony?
The quick answer is, if your child really wants to honor their special guests, then a short and sweet candle lighting is best. The candle lighting tends to bring down the energy of the celebration and you can expect the loss of attention from the guests not included. However, we tend to believe “it is your party and vision” and therefore it is important to put value on the things that are special to you and your family. People are there in honor of your child and to celebrate this important milestone.

It’s all good! Celebrate Deliciously, Joyfully! We are all connected!

To learn more about Garelick & Herbs, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.




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