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Fashion & Decor Shoots By Leonardo Vatkin Photography

Leonardo Vatkin Photography is a full service photography, video & event Website company that has been serving the NY Tri-State area for over 20 years.

Leonardo Vatkin will follow you anywhere for your special pre-Bar Bat Mitzvah shoots!

Owner Leo likes to get out of the studio to photograph his subjects where they feel most comfortable and in the midst of what they are passionate about. Often, he is asked to shoot his young subjects several months before their Bar or Bat Mitzvah for “decor shoots” — to create images that will be used on invitations, Websites, posters, pillows, sign-in books and other items that will set the tone for their events. He feels it is most visually engaging to shoot on location.

“A lot of people think you need a white background for posters or sign-in books, but that is so not the case. I make these shoots fun. What kid does not want to feel like a model for a day?” says Leo Vatkin, owner. “Especially when we shoot in the city, the kids enjoy feeling like a celebrity with people looking on wondering who this is with their own paparazzi in tow. It really builds confidence and excitement which comes across in the images.”

While Leo enjoys shooting in urban locations around boroughs, he knows of several hidden gems in the ‘burbs, as well — and is happy to shoot at the beach or in a park or wherever his subjects feel most alive and happy.

View more images from recent shoots below and see how they were used here.

It’s also fun to watch a video from these shoots here.

Leonardo Vatkin Photography
Long Island City graffiti art is an engaging backdrop for urban-themed décor

Leonardo Vatkin Photography

Head to the Meatpacking District for that quintessential neighborhood vibe

Leonardo Vatkin Photography

Our subject surrounded by his passion. Music was at the forefront of this Bar Mitzvah event

Leonardo Vatkin Photography
Cover girl poses midtown for her fashion-themed shoot. Taxi!

Leonardo Vatkin Photography
Urban architecture creates drama for this décor shoot

Leonardo Vatkin Photography 

It appears the whole world is in her hands at Rockefeller Center in NYC

Leonardo Vatkin Photography
Fun in the waves at this décor shoot for a beach-inspired Bat Mitzvah event

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