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The 5 Coolest Bar/Bat Mitzvah Giveaways

Are you trying to come up with a giveaway/favor for your child’s friends at their upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah?



Sue Smith from thecoolestgiveaways.com is sharing with us the 5 coolest choices right now!



Deep V-Necks are super soft and feel expensive!
(Order 100 or more right now and get 100 FREE eco-friendly drawstring backpacks!)


Most kids really want to give their friends a zip-up, right now they are extremely affordable priced at $17.40!
(Order 72 or more zip-up sweatshirts now and get 72 FREE eco-friendly drawstring backpacks)

Fleece blankets can be embroidered and are ordered with a matching printed backpack!


Crops are hot! Cropped American Apparel T-shirt are more affordable than you think!
(Order 100 or more crop tops now and get 100 FREE eco-friendly drawstring backpacks)


Sigg Waterbottles – the kids use them and they are great if you are on a budget!  You can also get them in a variety of colors, but no extra charge

For fun, visit their design lab here!

thecoolestgiveaways.com now offers daily deals, get in touch with them via email at info@thecoolestgiveaways.com.

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