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All About Israel Tour Connection

Israel Tour Connection provides travel packages for individual and group tours to Israel.

They offer professional service and consultations. Whether you are traveling on a customized ITC Private Tour, or joining an ITC Family Bar or Bat Mitzvah Tour and connecting with families from all over the country, ITC provides a meaningful Jewish adventure like no other! Israel, Eastern Europe, Cuba, South America or anywhere else, their attention to detail and willingness to meet each of their travelers’ needs sets them apart in the industry.

A family owned company, with over 25 years of experience, ITC has earned its award winning reputation as a the leader in Israel and Jewish travel worldwide. Tour highlights include, top English speaking guides, deluxe 5-star hotels (in the best locations), duel office in the US and abroad, and Bnai Mitzvah preparation kits which includes the each child’s Torah portion and prayers.

All ITC Family Tours are kid friendly, with lots of hands on activities every day. Their program is designed with an educational background, that is planned and arranged for multi-generational family groups.

Mitzvah Market sat down with the staff at Israel Tour Connection to learn more about their business:

MM: Why should families celebrate their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel?
The passage from youth to adulthood is a momentous event and an especially significant one in Judaism. Whether this is your child’s sole Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience or a celebration of a simcha held at home, there is no better way than to celebrate with family and friends in Israel!

Israel Tour Connection

MM: Why choose a group tour?
Traveling on a group tour with families like yours makes for an incredibly fun and educational experience. By the second or third day the kids are sitting and hanging out together and even discussing the events of the day! Our tour groups stay connected long after their tour is over via Facebook and social media, and some even schedule reunions for those in cities close by! By choosing an ITC group tour it also takes the stress out of coordinating and planning the details on your own. Leave that to us!

Israel Tour Connection

MM: How much will it cost?
The Bar or Bat Mitzvah child goes for FREE on the land tour as our guest with two or more adults traveling. ITC is also pleased to offer an airline credit of $500 towards the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child’s flight cost. The price of a family tour in Israel will depend on the length of the tour you select and the time of year you travel. Tour costs are based per person and the tour is nearly all–inclusive, covering all hotels, touring and entrance fees, and most meals. You will be sent a full tour outline with all of the costs included.  We will be more than pleased to work with you to customize any pre or post tour details for your family.

Israel Tour Connection

MM: What about the ceremony?
Our B’nai Mitzvah Ceremony is an incredibly moving experience held in the ancient synagogue atop of Masada. Your child will be well prepared for this important milestone, as we will send a full preparatory kit well in advance of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah date. The service is family oriented with everyone participating, and each child is called to the Torah for their individual Aliyah blessing and Torah reading. Families of all levels of observance find the service to be both meaningful and spiritual. Our Rabbi works with all of our ITC Tour groups, meeting in Israel in advance of the ceremony day to connect with the kids and families in person.  

MM: What makes an ITC Tour special?
What truly separates an ITC tour experience is the hands on and in-depth experiences we offer.  For example, when visiting the galleries and ancient synagogues in Safed you will meet with an artist in their studio to hear how they infuse the Kabbalist mysticism into their artistic creations. You will be invited for an incredible home hospitality experience on Shabbat dining with a private family in their home for a moving and personal Shabbat experience, making memories that will last a lifetime! Our ITC group tour also includes a MITZVAH project, allowing kids and families to “give back” as part of their Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience. Meeting with other children at the Jaffa Institute, the kids will get to play together and package boxes of much needed supplies for underprivileged families of all faiths. These are just a few examples of the many special experiences you will have.

Israel Tour Connection

MM: Will there be a party?
Of course! But not only are the Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids celebrated on their special day with cake and candle lighting, they are truly celebrated across the entire tour! Whether it is the fabulous boat ride on the Galilee and celebratory dinner in the North, or the camel trek and Beduoin tent celebration or the final farewell dinner party with live music and dancing – your child will be the center of attention throughout the entire tour!

Israel Tour Connection

MM: What about the tour details?
ITC takes care of all of the planning and tour logistics for you! With a full staff in Livingston, New Jersey, as well as our office in Israel your needs will be well attended to. There is no request to large or small that we can’t take care of. With a full air department we can assist you with your air travel plans as well!

Israel Tour Connection

MM: Should grandparents come?
Absolutely! The tour is designed to be multi-generational and we can absolutely make accommodations for those with special needs. Our guides are specifically chosen for these tours to expertly lead tours for ages 8 to 80! There is nothing as special as having extended family with you to experience this significant moment in your family’s lives.

MM: Describe a typical day on the tour.
ITC: The tour is an active one! It is specifically designed for three generations, where all will feel engaged and comfortable. You will take part in hands-on activities every day that will truly bring the country to life – whether it is an archaeological dig and cave crawl, a river rafting trip on the Jordan River, floating in the Dead Sea, a Jeep ride in the Golan Heights or planting trees in Israeli soil – each day is an adventure!

MM: What about the level of hotels on your tour?
Our tour is primarily a five-star deluxe hotel tour. You will stay in the famous David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, the closest to the Western Wall with sweeping views of Jerusalem’s Old City, the cosmopolitan Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and the deluxe rooms at the beautiful Kibbutz Lavi Guest house in the Northern Tiberias Region!

Israel Tour Connection, has been in the Israel tourism industry for over 28 years, and is rated as a leader in Israel tourism, serving the Jewish communities internationally with the highest level of reliability and service. ITC offers its vast knowledge and expertise to provide superior itineraries, outstanding accommodations, and tour guides who are custom selected for your group, all at very competitive rates. This translates to the most rewarding and pleasurable trip of a lifetime…a trip to your Jewish Homeland with a tour company that will assist you every step of the way. Contact Vicki Hart today to begin planning your family’s Israel Journey at 973- 535-2575 or vicki@israeltour.com.

To learn more about Israel Tour Connection, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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