6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Magician

When describing the experience of magician Mark Zacharia, party hosts use words like, “unbelievable,” “hysterical” and “fantastic.”

Mark’s charm and sleight of hand make your family and your guests the centerpiece of truly remarkable magic. Equally appropriate for the cocktail hour or strolling among your guests during the party, Mark Zacharia tailors his performance to the children as well as the adults at your event.

Mark wanted to share six reasons why you should consider bringing in a professional magician for your event:

1. You want entertainment as unique as your guest of honor. This is a very special day: something that happens only once in a lifetime. You want every aspect of your event to be unique.

2. You have a wide variety of guests at your party: one size of entertainment does not fit all. Young adults like the razzle and the dazzle; adults love the witty banter and the impossibility that only sleight-of-hand magic can produce. You can have it all.

3. Party favors are a must at almost every event. Allow Magician Mark Zacharia to provide customized magical party favors that your guests will love. These can be embossed with your event title or logo.

4. You need to make sure that everyone is engaged during your party, but you can’t be everywhere at all times. Who is going to make sure those guests on the fringe–those who can’t or won’t get up to dance–are still having a memorable time?

Mark Zacharia

5. DJs crank the music up loud! You want to be guaranteed that your guests can still enjoy the magical entertainment you’ve handpicked for them. That’s why Magician Mark Zacharia knows how to entertain the eyes as well as the ears. Language barriers and loud music are no challenge to him.

6. From strolling your cocktail hour to performing tableside during your main event, you decide who you want entertained and for how long: leave everything else up to Magician Mark Zacharia.

Magician Mark Zacharia: You Will Believe In Magic is ready to help you make your event unforgettable.

For more information, please visit his profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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